3.23.1c Patch Notes

kepro wrote:
fix eu servers when need some perfonmance updates and servers random lag spikes

Actually real issue here. Could not care less about "mute politics".
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When an account is muted, you will now be unable to send or receive whispers from players if they are not on your Friends List and you are not on their Friends List. You will also not be shown as online on the trade website. These restrictions do not apply for mutes applied to accounts prior to this patch being deployed.

This is probably going to be one of the most polarizing decisions you have made as a company and will likely result in a lot of abuse by players acting in bad faith.

I foresee this becoming very abused and discouraging players from chatting in global, especially considering how strict some of the mods can be.

I really hope you learn from this decision when the false bans start coming in.

Very uncommon GGG L.

Global Moderators take their own beliefs in to the chat and ban on a whim, while they are supposed to be impartial, just now you cannot even Trade whisper.

Although, this also means that TFT can now mass report people who compete for their ""<Cough>"" services and GGG will mute their competition.
Inscaped wrote:

Yeah but now you cannot even trade. Global Mods are a law unto themselves, and regularly bring their own beliefs and hangups in to their decisions to mute.

I can easily see this being abused by the likes of TFT. Who is to say that the owner of TFT private Messaged Chris to get this implemented in order to be able to wipe out trade competition.
Still waiting on those performance fixes to come through. PoE should not be eating upwards of 8gb or more of memory all on its own.
Ebony tornado shot still tanks FPS after like 15min please fix
hoho just more reason to use TFT good job GGG. Keep popping them holes.
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fire trap of blasting fix when?
Finally Account Moderation Changes, this was sorely missed.
Good evening, i'm from Ukraine.
please fix graphics on Xbox one s its seems now pixelated
I see no reason to mute your trade whispers, there's Ignore option which people can use, and if they don't - they're just rage baiting to play a victim just to make a further reports.

Okay you got global chat mute and that's enough, why restrict their ability to whisper for trades, alienating them from playing the game even more.

Also I agree with other posts, surely there's no way people will abuse and mass report, amirite?

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