3.23.1c Patch Notes

Maybe I should log in from time to time to report random people for random reason.

What its a bitch move? Don't blame me im just using GGG tools in very obvious ways.
Why am I still here
Nice! where is the abyss bug fix?
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is there a bug going on for Div Disillate flask as Pathfinder spec'ed for HoT?

It works in Hideout and was working (in mapping) but now its not working.. it was working in maps previously too but suddenly its just not working the flask is not going over time.
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no abyss fix ? :/
player agency, where?

"do you guys not have phones?" - blizz 2018
"do you guys not have 2 monitors, 3 overlays, 4 discord, 5 websites, 6 loot filters?" - ggg or smth 2024
"deal with it" - ggg, 2024
Since the tech exists now, can you make this a toggle for non-muted players in game? I've had a lot of crazies add me to their stalker/friend list over the years. I would actually prefer to be able to be "online" for trade while also showing as "offline" for the friend and/or guild list.

Yet another unpaid Path of Exile 2 Alpha Tester.
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VidarNanowish wrote:
Please extend the league for 2 more months. Best league ever

Agreed, pls GGG, this league is a real gift for the end of Poe 1!

I've never been so excited in a game , :)!

Affliction goes Core?? with some changes obviously but please? Best League since ritual and harvest.
Seems like reddit front page prompted this. Curious to see how this plays out.
Interested in seeing how this plays out.

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