3.23.1c Patch Notes

Terrible change. Can't wait for certain individuals in a certain discord to actively target their competitors and mass report them to stop them from trading / mirroring items. This will go so well, thank you our supreme leaders of GGG (Tencent). [Removed by Support] Hmmge
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The new mute policy seems a bit sus.
They said affliction won't go core.

My dream would be to see affliction go core and solely exist inside vaal side areas.

They nerf all the whisps effects on a side area by 80-90%. Keeping the spirit of the zone in the game, without destroying the economy.

The whisp skill tree itself would be toggle-able on the same wheel as the ascendancy wheel. You'd simply press a button on the wheel and it would change from showing ascendancy to showing whisp passsives.

The whisp passives themselves would be hard nerfed.

- Equip a wildwood rucksack with 6 inventory slots. (current is 20).

- Map has icons showing unique bosses. (Current shows both rare and unique).

- Stats gained from no gems in sockets of equipped gloves/helmet/body/boots would move closer to 8% movespeed; 12% elemental resists; 10% increased life; 130% increased defenses from body armor.

IDK all the passives for the whisp tree, but they'd all be hard nerfed so that the core of the mechanic is still there; but it'd fit within the game more like the other mechanics.

Guess I'm never speaking in global again
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What's with all of the bug fixes for hyper-specific scenarios that almost no one encounters but completely ignoring long-standing bugs with the UI for controllers that affect every single user without exception?
drenched 👌
blue blade flurry mtx plssss
also crystal earth shatter
goatfig wrote:
Fixed a bug where the Guardian of the Chimera could die when they had left the arena, causing their loot to be inaccessible.

End of an era

Außenseiter wrote:
Fire artists.
Hire coders.

Oldies might be goldies, but.

"Boah, is echt lächerlich, wie schnell das hier lädt, wenn nich irgendwelche Penner mit MTX hier rumhängen."
Still no SSF Spectre fix??? I'm really tired of not being able to summon the spectres I bought in Affliction.
"When an account is muted, you will now be unable to send or receive whispers from players if they are not on your Friends List and you are not on their Friends List. You will also not be shown as online on the trade website. These restrictions do not apply for mutes applied to accounts prior to this patch being deployed."

wow thats dumb, you guys often make mistakes when muting people, this wasn't a smart move.

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