3.23.1 Hotfix 2

Support here? Already report so many times in Technical support and 0 ANSWER ...
need a new space heater now
Feels better. was about time to improve the performace.
Now when can i use my Elemancer Totem that had cost me a lot of money and still does not work? :3
more performance fixes please
[Removed by Support]
Last edited by Jenn_GGG on Jan 23, 2024, 5:26:16 AM
You take action very quickly... It has been almost two months since the league started and it's done for so many people including me. I spent most of my time in hideout. The content you created is meaningless if it cannot be played properly.
Last edited by Fraksi on Jan 23, 2024, 5:39:16 AM
Fix the crash, please im still CRASHING
still 30sec+ karui shores loading time very effective patch really thanks !
Thanks but please add to the shopping list to get one extra tiny laptop to run eu servers, it would double the power
hell yeah :D
anziché democrazia preferisco anarchia, il governo altrui ruba sempre
Where are the console fixes?

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