3.23.1 Hotfix 2

seconding the above poster.

Thanks for the performance patch, GGG!

edit: well, no thank you, this didn't fix anything it made it worse.

did you increase loading times by loading into screens before textures are loaded? because I am missing a lotta them on my screen.
player agency, where?

"do you guys not have phones?" - blizz 2018
"do you guys not have 2 monitors, 3 overlays, 4 discord, 5 websites, 6 loot filters?" - ggg or smth 2024
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Jungle valley invisible wisps fixed???
Lemurcheto wrote:
This is fuckin massive for my i5-4670k 1050TI and Evo 860 SSD! My loading time in Lioneye's watch is down to 4-5 seconds from being 30+ whether i've been to it or not. I'm about to ugly cry, the struggles are over.

I was in a similar situation with an i5-4440 and decided to bite the bullet and upgrade during the holidays while things were on sale. 10 year old tech was showing its age in other ways than this.
This patch definitely made performance worse.

The lag used to be CPU which required me to open a youtube video on the other monitor, then it'd be smooth and responsive. It's still that way.

But now the green shader bar gets full and lags when something new is shown on the screen. Walking into a new area of the map, monsters spawning, something like that.

So the game runs smooth smooth then you click a strongbox and it lags and stutters and becomes unplayable. This is new.

I had had the dynamic resolution and dynamic culling on, as well as a frame rate cap. When I disabled these, the performance improved. The choppyness at new things still occurs, but less severely.

I tried each of the engines. Vulkan is the worst, then dx11, and surprisingly DX12 now works the best. Before this patch the DX12 engine consistently crashed to desktop.

I7 4770K, 32gb ram, RX6800xt, win10
12 years ago, I had 40+ FPS on the beach. Coming back after the Exilecon promotional period, I had 4 frames per second. On the beach. This patch improved things tremendously.......... to 8 frames per second. On the beach.

I could accept they liked to add more flash and pizzaz to the game over the years - it only started being an issue around when they added the Dominus fight. (Man did it feel like forever for the game to expand that far.)

I don't know if the game's ever been in a worse state than this. Not being around for my short break. Back when they intentionally designed the game to have desync was awful. You didn't know exactly where you were standing if you tried to move while enemies were on the screen. But by gosh, you could still play the game.

Nobody really expects there to be much support of PoE 1 after the new game launches. If all of this is to make it possible to easily port new enemies from PoE 2 so there's SOME new content.... well... Maybe there's some marginal value in that, but I don't think supporting a schism makes much sense. Resources spent on PoE 1 are resources not spent on 2 or 3. There's diminishing returns here, is all I'm saying.

It'd be different if the games were radically different in looks and mechanics, but there's a straight line here. PoE 2 is fundamentally the same game, just better.

It reminds me a little of when all that effort went into supporting PvP and nobody used it. (Because you couldn't get loot drops in a slot machine game that's 100% about getting loot, during it.) Not everything that feels like a good idea is a good idea, not every effort gets rewarded.
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