3.23.1 Patch Notes

liiinder wrote:
Nothing about leaving wildwood the overlay map closes and turns to the regular minimap bug?

Known about since the start and so much has been added but this shitty thing is not fixed? I always play with the overlay so every time I leave the wildwood I have to press tab 🤦‍♂️

This has been fixed it looks like tho.
My map is still in overlay when leaving the wildwood.
ctrl+f "perfomance" - zero matches, gg wp, "nice" patch as usual. No fix for engine multithreading bug, no fix for awful loding times, no fix for server lag spikes in EU, gotta add more foiled uniques though!
Last edited by F1ameghost on Jan 16, 2024, 1:52:37 AM
Nah man, next league waiting room...
crashing after update
When will you fix spikes/lags in EU servers ?
I wonder if there are any plans on adding some more transfigured gems...
<3 TY
1337 new uniques added and just a couple maps... everything that makes fun GGG have to destroy :)

maybe we need to lower the wisp too so no1 can "jucie" anymore
Still no performance fixes? Amazing.
Plennendor wrote:
Nice, Incoming valdo box for 10c and key for 2c

Keys will not go that much lower, since there's already thousands and thousands of uniques in a reliquary, but valdo's could fall quite hard, depending on contents of those maps added, worst case scenario is 0.5d i think, but not lower than that.

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