3.23.1 Patch Notes

Is there something I have to do to update my game? I keep getting this message..

"There has been a patch that you need to update to. Please restart Path of Exile."

I restart and I keep getting this message
No more rimming guys, time to change your life RIGHT NOW !
finally icons, they were holding that back for so long
Flashback after update。。。
How about making King in the Mists easier to find or the ability to create a token from the wisps for you to fight him?
so penance brand does more damage now? when it's already the strongest skill in the game?

whatever, last epoch better anyway
Still no fix for Ebony Tornado shot :(
Kieren_GGG wrote:
The Labyrinth Darkshrine that causes Labyrinth Traps to be disabled in the Aspirant's Trial can now only appear in the Cruel Labyrinth and above.

Thank you for fixing this, it was annoying if you were trying to (inefficiently) obtain transfigured gems in Normal Lab.

Separate subject and not expecting the game to be designed around this mode, but the base 'random transfigured gem of the same colour' font option is not a great solution for SSF when two colours already have close to 80 gems each. I'll post this in feedback.
Todays patch has broken more things than it fixes. Abyss now don't appear in the map; despite me having the sext/scarb/AtPassives in it. Instead I have gotten breach and expedition every map. And no Abyss despite it saying there will be some in the map. In the map mods when you hit tab. To view the overlay map. It deleted my Animated guardian. Who I put a more than a few divs of gear on. And has completely demoted me from playing.

I am so sick of bugs costing me in game time and currency. This season has been the season of bugs!!! Yet they would rather work on PoE2 rather than fix things here in PoE
Nothing about visibility of the blue wisps? They blend in too heavily with the light, white particle effect around the player (the light radius in the Wildwood), I can barely see them...

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