3.23.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

Gandicar wrote:
I think we will see many more patches after they release PoE 2. When they can concentrate more on fixing problems instead of all the hype building.

By the way there is a good program called QuickCPU to change major settings and create new power profiles. I managed to create a new PC power profile and entered a elevated command prompt command to fix the multithreading issue. But I had to underclock my CPU in QuickCPU by 10% to manage the heat.

If you are interested, I will post a link to the guide in a spoiler. I must warn you though, use this at your own risk and be cautious of heat buildup. I will not be held responsible for equipment failure.

Follow this mans guide. I have and it does work well.


A personal tip. As much as you would love to play the game, you should not be risking your computer. It's something that's rightfully yours, and essentially a valuable tool for many things, not only for gaming content.

If the means to access a company's service is deficient, is it the customer's responsibility to find a solution?
Penance Brand Bug Fix when?
"The Affliction League UI displaying the number of Wisps collected now persists after leaving the Viridian Wildwood."

Thank you for this!
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I just did two Inscribed Ultimatums for the "Ultimate Undertaking" challenge and it still didnt count...

Edit: nvm the last two mods (monster life and damage) do not count
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I think your hotfix doesn't work.

qbatronix wrote:
I think your hotfix doesn't work.

A you jocking? Its not Ruthless.
GGG, сделайте уже торговлю автоматизированной-хватит лениться.Блевать тянет с торговли.Скоро кто-нибудь переплюнет выпуск реюзабельного контента каждые 3 месяца/на 2 недели игры.
GaikotsuSova wrote:

A you jocking? Its not Ruthless.

My bad, sorry. I didn't notice it is on ruthless.
Are you guys planning on actually addressing the latency issues? :)
The game had bad performance before, today after patch i get constant freezes. Totally unplayable.
Happens only in Path of Exile as always. All games works great.

"End of March makes 3 months and 21 days which is almost 4 months and not 3 1/2, get your math right hoho."
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All day performance has been terrible no matter if its Vulkan, DX!!, DX12. Absolute slideshow. Games caping my fps at 40-50 for some reason. Massive latency on London server.

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