3.23.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

Great addition. Minimap inside woods next pls.
game uses too much cpu and memory and loadings has lots of problem
When is the summoning the wrong spectres in hideout bug being fixed. I can not play the league. Just took over a week break and its still not fixed.
Game is unplayable today. Booted it up and latency is a mess. Stuck at 35 fps. Cpu usage out the roof even standing still and all my memory is being used. Please sort this out.

Edit:London Server
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No performance fix, still?
still no fix for crash on using Vaal domination + trauma support
nice ggg
Fixed and changed the requirements of the Ruthless Eldritch Engagement Challenge. It now requires: 15 Searing Exarch Altars with Wrath of the Cosmos, 15 Eater of Worlds Altars with Eldritch Gaze, and 25 Witness Map Bosses with Destructive Play.

Not fixed. It's still 250/250/200

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