3.23.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

This patch now ramps my CPU to 100% (6 cores, Ryzen 5 5600X) and then crashes my game after ~3 seconds (with no error report) unless I disable multi-threading at which point it has a reasonable CPU usage of 8% (so ~1/2 of a core).

Frame rate drops from ~75 to ~65 and there are a few more stutters during CPU-intensive moments but that beats crashing in 3 seconds.
Fixed a bug where the Ultimate Undertaking challenge was not completing when doing Inscribed Ultimatums.

Nice, now make it so the Trialmaster is more than a .00000000000000000001% Spawn rate.
The Affliction League UI displaying the number of Wisps collected now persists after leaving the Viridian Wildwood.

How did It take this long for this to be persistent
so nothing about performance problems. you know it will not disappear when u guys ignore it just sayin
Ebony shot fix when?
The wisp counter persisting is a nice change. Felt kinda weird that it went away before.

Also, when's the next batch of Valdo maps? It's been a while since the last one.
That's it? There are so many bugs in the game and this is all you fixed? C'mon..
What about fixing what you screwed in 50mb patch yeastrday in Wednesday everything was fine now i cannot complete single map after the 50mb patch (100% shader usage, 80fps , 40-120ms and the game going in slow mode then it try to catch up going in turbo speed making me die instantly ) last map i tried me skills took 4s to spawn balista and dmg was like not existing, the game keep teleporting me back and the game is going soo slow that it make no sense 30 min took me to clear half of burial chambers and also lost all portals becous of the patch that screwed something important before the patch everything was fine!!! Fix your game!!!
I think we will see many more patches after they release PoE 2. When they can concentrate more on fixing problems instead of all the hype building.

By the way there is a good program called QuickCPU to change major settings and create new power profiles. I managed to create a new PC power profile and entered a elevated command prompt command to fix the multithreading issue. But I had to underclock my CPU in QuickCPU by 10% to manage the heat.

If you are interested, I will post a link to the guide in a spoiler. I must warn you though, use this at your own risk and be cautious of heat buildup. I will not be held responsible for equipment failure.

Follow this mans guide. I have and it does work well.

As always thank you, for reading my thoughts, and for your time. Be well Exiles.
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