3.23.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

something was clearly done to the server with the patch.

simply poor
Pls fix europe servers issues. Many disconnects, failing to join instances and loading screens.
3.13.2 Patch Notes
Owners of M1 Macs can now play Path of Exile through Rosetta, with minimal impact on performance. A native version will be available in a future update.

3.23 running very poor on M1 Macs. any fix to this or need for patch again
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extremely laggy patch you guys broke something
What about the intense Lagg?
My Eldritch Endgame Challenge is still showing the previous requirements. I have tried /recheck_achievements and that did nothing. Any suggestions?
CaptainKeys wrote:
What about the intense Lagg?

BUMP xdd
Many times i put 3 Abyss on my map, and show only one
Soooo the textures taking half the map to load, the 2m load times into zones, the constant lag, the constant crashes losing us hard earned rewards…

Just not gonna fix?
Deliver pain exquisite
Holy Hell, please fix the stupid spectres spawning as different spectres! i lost like 4-6 perfect marionettes to that bug ( which never seems to happen to imperfect ones!) and i am playing ssf, so not only do i have to gamble finding the warlock npc, he needs to also have a marionette in his inventory and that needs to also spawn as a perfect one, which is like a 1 in a 100 chance on entering wildwoods!

let us upgrade the spectres or guarantee that he has 1 of each spectre type, so the gambling is only about finding him and which grade of spectre he has in the inventory.

edit: i got lucky and found another perfect marionette and it turned into a meatbag. again. guaranteed 6th time in a row. this is not just happening sometimes, this is completely broken. i have been using imperfect marionettes since level 65! as no others are allowed to spawn
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