3.23.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

looks like with this patch cutted expenses on servers and nerfed loot. league ends now?
any fix for the problem with some cpu's c-states (i have a i9-10900K) and i can barely play, my game "hangs" (everything freezes, with animations still active) while the latency spike, happens every few seconds for 1-5 seconds at a time
Perfect Forest Warrior's Onslaught buff will no longer apply upon re-entry into the area. Other Affliction Specters have the same bug. Pleas fix.
Wisp UI stopping movement skills. If I don't left click on it, it shouldn't be interactable. Fix all UI elements this way.
Fixed an instance crash.

..introduced a ton more.
I currently crash every 3min, it's crazy.
The servers are in a really bad state today - constant disconnects with all map portals vanished when you get back in.
Probably DCd at least a dozen times today, so I think your last patch has caused more problems than it solved.
What is this patch please tell me, It takes 10-15 seconds to load up a stash tab, getting disconnected from maps and when I log back in everything is gone, you guys are wasting our time playing this game quite frankly one of the worst leagues to exist so far, why don't you just turn off your servers, find fix for it so people don't die and lose everything for nothing as you can't offer any server stability at this point. What a joke..
Poor performance and disconnects from server. Loot feels like its been nerfed to the ground as well.
Struggling to keep connected to the game since last update, its also taking a long time loading into new instances, also in chat mentions unable to load achievements or pvp error. this is the first time I've ever had a problem with the game :/ i have a powerful PC and good internet so it has to be a POE issue

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