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3.23 date plz so i can ask for days off
xxlegendxx wrote:
I would love to see krangled where everyone’s passive trees are randomly generated, this would be much more fun, I guess it would be kinda hard to implement but would be a great challenge and people wouldn’t feel the need to check what is the best route to take

this is a good idea. honestly it's kind of dumb to have the same tree for everyone and it's just Bad Design.

People will just cheat and look up the results... it's how POE players just do things. Whether it's copying build guides or looking up a krangled Tree.

What a waste. Makes me not want to play actually. Guess I'll be skipping it.
Last edited by IcyMist27 on Oct 29, 2023, 3:51:40 PM
can you change ascendancy in Blast from Past event?
Do we get Sentinels in Blast From the Past event same way we did in Sentinel league? IE can we use them everywhere, delve for example?
ive reached 90, can i migrate to standard and still be in the prize pool chance ?

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