In today's news post, we're answering a few common questions about the November Events that start from next week.

I'm new to Path of Exile. How do these events work?

Why are there no Hardcore or Solo Self-Found versions of the events?

Is the Krangled Passive Tree the same as it was last time?

Will I be able to use tattoos on passive skills in the Krangled event?

Are we getting old touched mobs from the Kalandra League?

How much experience do you end up losing on death due to the ''You lose 5x experience on death'' modifier?

Will Mirrored Tablets migrate at the end of the Blast from the Past event since it's not voided?

Will we be able to use Recombinators on mirrored items?

Is it possible to complete the ''Out of the Gate'' achievement in these events?

Will it be possible to earn credit towards Ancestor challenge rewards during these events?

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No, Recombinators will not be usable on mirrored items

Last edited by ClumsyParasite on Oct 26, 2023, 4:25:00 PM
50% exp loss :O Tanky builds for the win
Why hide the krangled tree, wont the results just get posted pretty fast (couple hours) since everyone has the same tree?
Please consider moving the Krangled league to last. This will be the least played league, and will have a reduced impact due to the US holiday at the end of the event.
I would love to see krangled where everyone’s passive trees are randomly generated, this would be much more fun, I guess it would be kinda hard to implement but would be a great challenge and people wouldn’t feel the need to check what is the best route to take
SSF added, nice!
"50% loss thereafter." And only 7 days.

I'm out.
Sorry but I have a life.

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