November 2023 Events FAQ

TBH the Hardcore people just won't play the event non-HC so you don't have to worry about splitting the playerbase.

Also Don't even worry about prizes we just want a HC fun race...
SSF \o/
GGG is taking a hard-line stance against HC. Unfortunate.
Can we get a confirmed 3.23 League Start date? In order to be able to plan time off work. Will it be December 8th? :)
Thank u so much for adding ssf events!

Sadge for our hc folks.
No, Recombinators will not be usable on mirrored items


It has been that way since 3.19.
So no SSF on console... Gotta compete with that "big" guild that price-fix and do group play on Xbox... I guess we'll try huh ;)

It would make more sense to do SSF only tbh so it's all about ur own grind... anyways...
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So you added SSF but not HC? what is the deal with that seriously? Add HC and have them share prizes (for top players included) with softcore events, not having AGAIN HC in a RACING environment is - at least - questionable.......

Guess one-and-something month of HC ancestor is what HC player will get
Inundated with cockroaches, I am - labyrinth rework ideas/suggestions
Is Ruthless available for these events?
I wanted to play the events if they had a hc option. I don't care about the increased XP loss, it won't make it more similar to hc for me sadly.

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