November 2023 Events

no hardcore? see you guys in December i guess. thanks GGG.
3 weeks of sentinel please :)

One week is not enough I have a life. Il be lucky to get to play 2 days
Dáyn wrote:
Kinda weird that all of these are not in SSF. This way groups will easily sweep all the possible prices, making any solo/duo setups basically irrelevant.

sad reality most people quit after level 50 anyways cause they just go for the free $10 across two events. And even if others play in a party what stops you from leveling up a character to the level to enter a raffle? The duration of each event should be more than enough to level to 90 or even 95 as a solo player just fine.
And the non raffle rewards are out of most peoples range anyways since they wouldn't even have a chance even if it's ssf lol
Flames and madness. I'm so glad I didn't miss the fun. hoho
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Rhylol wrote:
F endless delve

I second that.

Neddeia wrote:
Krangled is character or account dependant this time?

...and yes, it might defeat the purpose of Krangling the tree if one can just Google the Krangled tree and plan a character. I'll definitely play this, though. Thanks for not forcing multiplayer this time.
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Oh nice. Looking forward to Sentinel! Will try the rest. 5x experience on death? As in 50%? As in, don't die 4head? Ulp. That seems a teensy bit stupendously massively irretrievably and inexplicably OTT. Are we testing for PoE 2 again, acceptable death penalties in this case? Hardly seems a fair comparison given we can't dodge roll and nothing is telegraphed. Still, recombinators.

Krangled passives means effectively "your skill tree is boned, so play something OP" or "your skill tree is boned, so, fail", or "wait until the community maps it then make the streamer build". But I'll try blind for the heck of it.
FINALLY NON VOIDED EVENTS we can stop pretending Standard matters and stop making events less enjoyable for normal players who...

wait no HC and by logical extension no SSF or Ruthless?

Its almost like you guys can't get out of your own way sometimes...

And by sometimes I mean impossibly infuriatingly often. The first event I've been excited for since Legacy league how many years ago because its finally not the stupid out of touch voided crap and you still can't get it right.
Sweaty-Casual Ruthless enjoyer
"when you die in this game, typically you're getting one shot, you're dieing in one frame; almost always" -Ben_
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3 Awesome events and tons of cool rewards. Thanks GGG! Really looking forward to it :)
+1 person with wonderful memories of Endless Delve

At least this time, everything except the krangle looks delicious
May peace be with you, exile.
no hardcore? wtf
Lake of Kalandra LOGIN
High tier lake tiles + Sentinel giga scary encounters incoming

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