November 2023 Events

Last event voided? lol
I would of loved to play robot league again but not making HC options for the event dissuaded my interest.
fck i deleted my krangled character :(
Sentinel needs to go core, it's so much more fun with it. I really don't care about the recombinator crafting, i enjoy boosting uniques bosses for loot. Makes them UNIQUE enemy actually mean something.

Please make Sentinel go core and you can remove the ghosts tormented spirits. Sentinel is just a way better version of that.
hehe i got only weapon effect for top 1 juggernaut on ssf krangled :)

i guess i wont be start next event. :))
So has anyone had a prize from Krangled event yet? Not sure if I want to delete my char or not. GGG should really communicate these price draws better, even a short announcement to say that it happened and check your microtransaction tab would be enough.
Edit: Just noticed the post above mine, nvm.
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SSF and single event having one prize pool ?
I deleted my character so I guess I don't get a drawing 😖
You lose 5x experience upon death.

This is so ridicolous. GGG knows how make Anti-Fun. No good decision since blight leage. Game gone from 9/10 to 5/10.
Stormcaller Stygian Portal Effect - Thank you!

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