3.22.0b Hotfix 2

"We created a league where the flee effect served a use. We have rectified this error and apologize for our mistake."
"Let those with infinite free time pave the road with their corpses." - reboticon
Fixed this instantly but everything else is still garbage...

Fun detected, [Removed by Support]
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God forbid somebody actually uses mechanics, that are in the game, as intended.
Can't have that! Go back to play the meta as everybody else does!
flamewood totem builds are in shambles now

what do you think GGG, we all have unlimited time at our disposal to play thousands of builds in one league?

no - i leveled my character up with the time i had, just started enjoying the new mechanic and they go nuclear on it.

we do not have the poe2 double passive tree yet where you can switch according to the enemies you face - this game is designed to mostly rely on one skill and you bricked that.

thanks for nothing
Using the "knockback support gem" in order to knockback enemies is somehow an exploit? You literally just introduced a tattoo that gives 10% chance to knockback. WTF were we supposed to do with it?
Are you going to make the mechanic scale properly so it doesnt HAVE to be cheesed? I thought the whole point was to tailor builds around CC. Why would you ruin so many setups like this?
So they removed all methods of building around the content:



Knock back


While also not at all dealing with the ludicrous levels of tankiness and damage?

Can you please patch the problem, before you patch the solutions? this is just embarassing
Ditt j*vla flöte Danne!!
Terrible change that bricked many builds - terrible choice to nerf this stuff GGG. You made this problem by making league mechanic so hard and so unrewarding unless you go super deep.
i understand the knockback it was super cheesy
but taunt? for what? because it works as intended? taunting nearby enemies? is that a problem that needs to be fixed?
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"Warriors are unaffected by Taunt." - so you're telling me that necromancers that are relying on your braindead AI minions to taunt enemies instead of you and agro them is screwed up because people were abusing reverse totems meme on your main stream media streamers on twitch and you didn't liked the fun that you programmed for 4 months since last league?? Damn son.."fun is not allowed" isn't a meme, it's freaking reality and it's becoming worse and worse each nano second, good job TENGGG.
BTW. can you finally get rid of one shot mechanic from your game instead of nerfing everything from every single direction??
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