3.22.0b Hotfix 2

I think its time to stop playing poe. That's just crap. Taking 4.5 months instead of 3 and still make halfbakes league, while major balancing it right after launching it. So dumb.
honestly diablo 4 being terrible was your chance to shine so brightly literally everyone would be playing poe
instead of fixing the actual problem aka league mechanic not being winnable without abusing flee/knockback/taunt
you "fix" the solution
congrats GGG you just need to be bought out by activision to be literally the same as blizzard

like how the F is it fair that you get oneshoted or stunned for 5 seconds with offscreen shard of ice that almost cant be seen

but meanwhile enemies minions literally EAT your abilities point blank and just continue sucking off your totems to 0
not even talking about turtle bullshit that has so much health that even sirus is blushing
Wasn't "Path of Exile" a project by Chris, through which he wanted to develop the game of his dreams?
I doubt he would want to play the game as it stands. (sadly)

- Poor performance for a lot of the playerbase
- Missing textures in some maps
- at times laggy as hell (EU perspective)
- league mechanic absolutely overtuned, outright impossible for MANY builds.
- make skill gems (ccs) absolutly useless, even a newly added gem...

You can't introduce a league mechanic where you only get a reward if you successfully complete the entire mechanic and are totally overtuned at the same time. It's a complete waste of time if you can't do it.
In the "Ultimatum" league this was possible because it was a "risk and reward" system. You could stop whenever it got too hard and get a share of the reward.

For my part, I started the league with a "Toxic Rain ballista build" and now I'm faced with the problem that I just can't kill the opponents. (If I manage to do it, they respawn immediately) Also, I die instantly as soon as something looks at me angry, even though I'm playing a relatively tanky build. ( 4.5k life / Spellsup. Cap / Petriefied Blood + Pathfinder Lifeflask reg / 80% evade / res capped)

What now?
New build?

Leveling a new character through the campaign is the most annoying and boring thing about Path of Exile, which is why I play a maximum of two characters per league.
However, I already have an idea for my second character, which I really want to play, but this one will have exactly the same problem with the league mechanic as my first build so that is a no-go for me.
If I were to play a build purely for league mechanics, it would most certainly be "fixed" once I pulled it through the campaign. So unfortunately I don't see it either.

Unfortunately, while some things have improved, the overall package has deteriorated overwhelmingly.
To be honest, I think Path of Exile 2 is the worst thing that could have happened to Path of Exile.
Please don't get me wrong, what we saw at the presentation looked great, I'm trying to say something else.
Since the announcement of "Path of Exile 2" I have the feeling that because of the too small team for "Path of Exile" it simply does not get any more love from "GGG".
I don't currently see Path of Exile 1 being developed as it was announced at Exilecon after Path of Exile 2 is released.

Unfortunately I found the whole year to be a disappointment, so much so that I'm now becoming active in the forum for the first time in 10 years of playing "Path of Exile".

The gaming community has been very angry about the game Diablo 4 and its developer Blizzard for the past few weeks. While they considered "Path of Exile" and "GGG" to be the best of the scene.
Rightly so. I was and still am of the same opinion.
But now I have to realize that the difference might not be that big after all. As a player, you feel fooled by the changes that take the fun out of the game. This is actually exactly the opposite of what I mentioned at the beginning...
It just feels like there aren't enough developers working on the continuation of Path of Exiles 1. If that turns out to be true, it is hoped that you will recognize this and devote more resources to the game.

Please don't take this as an attack on you, rather my honest criticism and fear that the game is going to go down for the worse.
I sincerely hope that everything turns out for the best.
There could also be poorly worded sentences and misspelled words in my post, since English is not my native language and I had to use a translation tool, which may not always work correctly.
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This absolutly needed the cheese nerfed everyone just did the same cheap strat instead of actually doing the machanic, that being said it really does need another balance pass.
If you take away any method to complete the trail, Please nerf enemy unit as well especially Rongokurai. It's not fun to get one shot by unkillable mob while our own unit do stupid thing.
Glad to see my flamewood build is unusable in the mechanic now. hooray
Cmon just delete all CC from the game. Why should anyone waste his time on this if you fix all fun? You made boring mechanic - let players broke it. If not - why even bother playing this?
So... your so called fix is removing any tools that players could use to actually play the league, while not giving a single shit on the broken units like the whole Kahuatora tribe?
Next patch they will remove player Fieldmaster walls i guess.
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We greatly appreciate you making a mechanic where MOST of the enemies can 1 shot you from off-screen and not giving us a way to slow or stun them. Really makes it enjoyable for the community.
This league is Actually worst than Kalandra. xdd

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