3.22.0b Hotfix 2

For now, my Corrupting Cry build is now delegated to the Atlas and other mechanics. Was having a fair amount of fun with the mechanic but now I doubt this build can deal with it. To be fair I do need to give it upgrades regardless as I only have 4 links with it but, now when I do get proper gear I doubt it will do well.

It is frustrating when their units seem to tank through and do not get interrupted while channeling your totems. Especially when in contrast some units can shower the field with an attack that lasts well into their death therefore preventing their totems from being channeled. Due to the speed at which they respawn, their attack ends, you channel a bit, and immediately get attacked.

The times I do die, I have no idea when I will be able to be back in the game to try and mitigate further damage to my totems.

Some enemies do insane amounts of damage, again though I admit I need better gear still.

I was thinking a couple days ago about trying a Frost Wall build and seeing how that'd work but I doubt it'll last if it even works at the moment.

I haven't played auto battlers before but figured there was strategy for it. I would think having units focus you to allow your guys to get behind enemy lines would be a strategy.

Thinking for now I will complete the atlas and try the mechanic a bit more if not skip. Already haven't been playing much due to work, guess I can use as an excuse to work more.
rest in peace flamewood totem
accuracy problems at the start
now this taunt fix
no fun allowed
No Taunting warriors? Noooo :C

Also the whole Jade warrior thing was taunt avoidance?

I feel there were better approaches than negating player investment.
*You call into the void. You hear a sound in the distance.*
Where are the bug fixes
I guess fuck my flamewood build
Why the fuck would you make it so they are unaffected by taunt compared to limiting the duration of time they could be taunted. Now they constantly chase champions for eternity instead of swapping aggro to my totems. Such a bullshit change GGG.
This league is unplayable at higher ranks without decoy, Every single mob 1 shot u so you have to run around in circles and pray to god that your minions are actually doing something useful. TLDR, they aren't.
Wait what? why let them be knocked back 5 times but not let them get taunted for 5 seconds too or something? im building the new support flamewood which REQUIRES them to hit the totem and now my build is just bricked? why????
How about you hotfix the garbage map rolling you guys have been cheesing now for how long? The map rolling system is basically made to tilt builds but we can't tilt a mechanic you intentional made to cheese us to begin with.

Got time for nerfing cheesy things you don't like us doing to your game but it's all good for us to still have crap loot and map rolls that make us waste more currency.

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