3.22.0b Hotfix 2

dachoppa wrote:
thank you for fixing the knockback cheese. that was some of the worst design flaws i've seen in a long time.

The only design flaw here is the entire league mechanic and it's balance. Completely unplayable with "normal gameplay"
mrrick1781 wrote:
GGG you've bricked mainline defences for minion builds.

I'm playing minions and not having any issues Rank 1000+, so not sure what the issue is exactly.

Gameplay is relatively simple, run to the opposite end asap and start destroying totems asap.
Where are the balance changes to make this shit playable? This should be the most fun league mechanic ever but it just absolutely sucks instead, it's crazy. Put a 300 second time limit on the round or something. It's unfathomably boring being oneshot offscreen or having to stand still for 5 minutes attacking.
> Warriors are unaffected by Taunt.

Why you hate yours flamewood totem support so much?
So you telling me that you just rip off the CC from this league? Why not rip it off from the actual game at all? Oh no, who could ever guess that CC will be OP in this lieague. Now all you can do is reroll to pure dps because defences are no matter you will be oneshoted anyway.
Well, Stone Golem is just not usable anymore... WTF?
Oh so remove cheese, but oneshots from basic attacks remain? ignoring armor remains? How is it possible you can't do both at the same time? come on. Seems it's league with no league mechanics. I can't go sideways like in delve with rank. Good luck me playing on rank 500 being oneshot by everything.
Good thing enemies are squishy and not offscreening me all the time /s
Fair to balance a very broken cheesy way to play.

BUT: HOW are we supposed to play the mechanic now???

Without huge amount of CC the matches are absolutly unplayable. Espacially the later ones in a tournament. Everything 1-shots you and you can do nothing.

In this current state the league mechanic is just dead. So please hurry up and find a good way to balance it somehow, because rewards etc are actually fun, if we get to play it.
absolutely unplayable now. How to control enemy? You can't kill them, can't knockback, flee, taunt? but they just oneshot you. Used necromancer build just for trial, cuase hexblast mines just scratch enemy. I really don't understand what should i do with league content without thousands of divine orbs
Damn chance to flee was finally useful. Immediately nerfed. XD

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