3.22.0b Hotfix 2

Knockback/Flee abuse fixed! fair
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Last edited by TreeOfDead on Aug 25, 2023, 3:29:31 AM
GGG you've bricked mainline defences for minion builds.

Why did you even not think about players using knockback in the first place?
You can't just put such a huge nerf and make it look like an exploit by calling it a "Hotfix".

Until next league


thank god it was fixed fast. Abusers got their magebloods already anyways so no loss to anybody.
DeathsVampire wrote:
I'm playing taunt totems and I can't play the league mechanic now.

Please rethink some of these changes.

Take away actually viable totem ascendancy from chief, replace it with taunt crap. Taunt crap looks viable for new league. First day break economy. Second day, remove taunt from league. What's gonna today bring?
Of course they can patch this instantly... but maybe if the league mechanic wasn't an unplayable, unbalanced dung, people wouldn't have resolved to such cheesy mechanics?
Way to remove the only way the league mechanic was doable/profitable.
Good job.
Sorry, but the league mechanic is so overpowered that it is unplayable. I got to 300 rating without cheese strats and I lose all the time now, just non stop streaks of losing 10 rating or something. I tried this "cheese" strat and that actually helped me to actually play the mechanic and have like 80% chance to win. Now I cannot even win against opponent with less units.

It is stressfull and bad for my health. I will just stop playing this dumb league mechanic.
Last edited by kultttemo on Aug 25, 2023, 3:51:58 AM
thank you for fixing the knockback cheese. that was some of the worst design flaws i've seen in a long time.
Thanks for ruining the only fun part of the mechanic.
Every single mob oneshots now, and without the taunt/knockback it is impossible to do any progress....
They can channel even when hitted so guearantied loss now.
My units die in one hit more often than not, while they'r units need all my units to kill.

Why kill the only strat to even have any chanse to win? Fix the balance before nerfing the only thing that can actually progress this.

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