3.22.0b Hotfix 2

Can't taunt...my Corrupting Cry turned into useless garbage, can't even stop the opponent's fighter
Another league I have to leave early, after investing all into the mechanic yesterday after the loot buffs. Well I could play for like 3 hours after work, before GGG burned down everything again. Thx...

The league mechanic oneshots EVERYTHING, you can't even see what is friendly and what is an enemy. You can not kill the enemeys cause they are more tanky then any UBER boss. Now you can't knockback anymore.

Is this league mechanic really build to be only done by mirror tier builds? (Guess even then they are oneshot, but can maybe kill a monster and channel 1-2 sec on a totem before the mob respawns instantly...)

I want to see someone on GGGs side to play a full tournament at rating ~1000 of cause without cheats... :)

Oh no, our silly little one-shots are no longer one-shotting them, what do we do? - Fun detected - Must delete fun
Damn the fun police were really quick on this one
Haha nice move GGG

You did this so ppl will have time to play Armored Core VI, I know it.
Thank you so much.
Not to be too negative, but at least the taunt stuff was the only way i could actually succeed at the tournaments with how unbalanced some tribes are. I know you nerfed the Rangokarui tribe already, but 30% phys overwhelm is still too much (or at least it feels like too much). Doesnt help that enemies seem to not get stunned and just walk to the next totem instantly when channeling. Hope you get on top of this, or this league will just be standard with extra steps
...Chief Arkhon of the Oriath Academy....
Auran82 wrote:
beezlbub wrote:
Beyond dog**t, just what the hell are you thinking? This is beyond stupid unless yall Equal the playing field and make our units equal AI, or Have the enemy get STUNNED like we and our champions do, otherwise they just continue to channel while you hit them from ranged. No one survives after rank 800 because everything pretty much 1 shots you.

What. Is. the. Point. Of. Taking. Away. Our. Fun?

I think we're stuck in a situation where if they made it like that we'd have builds who could just spam damage all over the place so they could never break your totems but there needs to be some give and take, they can't make the enemies unkillable, then also make then not able to be CCd or really interacted with at all. At least have the mob HP scale up and taper off to a point that isn't totally dumb so its an actual fight.

We honestly need the ability to go sideways like in Delve, maybe have the ability to drop back down to some threshold, hell, even if you're losing after 3 or 4 rounds, you're probably still getting a couple of rank points which means you get wrecked more the next match, how is that fun?


- Ability to choose rank (100, 200, 300 and so on)

The rules of the game should be the same for any player, be it a NPC or yourself:

- Nearby monsters get stunned for 3sec when you hit them while they're channeling your totems.
- You get stunned for 3sec if a nearby monster hits you while channeling enemy totems (5sec is WAY Excessive).
- No One-Shots (this should be a no brainer for any game, it's perceived as unfair and makes the game worse).
- You should be able to respawn after N seconds (10?) even if they are channeling your totems (I guess that if I play the mechanic is because I want to PLAY, I sometimes lost by getting one-shotted and not being able to respawn, it's just frustrating, unfair and unappealing).

This will fix the mechanic for any build I believe, thoughts?
Again, the ENTIRE fun was broken, as it was already in Harvest with freezing. >DISGUSTING ACT<.
Since you HATE players so much, at least reduce damage and health by 2 times for all NPCs in the league.
While I understand the need to manage this exploit (so no one should be surprised), the league mechanic doesn't feel as balanced and well designed as it could be.

Rules aren't the same between players and the AI opponents : we get stunned when channeling totems while they aren't, get far less favours (while they quickly get high tier units), etc. Those seems more like balance workarounds to fix design issues than proper league mechanic rules.

I assume there is a form of scaling based on your ranks, but this should be rework to ensure opponents have less dmg / hp / favours in low ranks (under 300+) and make things super spicy beyond Rank 1000.

A wasted potential, since the core concept is great !
Seriously this was my last supporter pack for a while.
I dont wanna support a game anymore that just deletes fun.

Path of Exile nowadays feels more like a 2nd job in which you don't get paid instead of being a fun game anymore, every interaction that has fun involved gets removed. (very sad about that...)

Missing the time when fun was allowed.

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