Ancestor Challenge Rewards

Love the more grounded style of MTX this league.

I also notice there seems to be additional blood-splatter effects and a replaced enemy health bar in the preview? Are those part of the patch, some other MTX, or are they attached to specific parts of the amour?

If it's the latter, which part does which?
I still remember the beta-key timer.
Lol this stuff looks like something they made up last second, effortless. Pretty disappointing imo.
*refunds mtx body armour he just got* 🙄🙈 (jk, but it's a sick set; I love subtle non-eye-destroying stuff.)

Has a very.. "Cleverman" vibe to it, though I guess that's Aboriginal, not Maori.
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Iam dissapointed, the only difference between T2 and up to T4 is the glow and the extra gore on t4 only i guess....
not really my style... BUT it's gonna be great (or at least parts of it) for Druid in PoE2 so it kinda is a good future investment.

this looks kinda basic
Looks trash compared to the previous league.
run4way wrote:
Tier2 - Tier3 difference is not there lol

True kinda meh the difference, just a shallow glow.
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Only usable with Ethanol Flasks
Not my style. Kalandra rewards are the best
that's... all?

Well very safe to say that the fomo you put this league isnt gonna be effective.
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