Ancestor Challenge Rewards

awful stuff, worst challenge league rewards since delirium
Last edited by mmrghost on Aug 18, 2023, 4:54:27 AM
Challenge rewards are getting worse and very stale with each passing league.

Ritual hideout was both nice and chase for many players for example. Why can't we have fun/interesting stuff as rewards ?

The better the challenge rewards the longer people play. The longer people play, the more money you make. It makes no sense.

Sorry but this is constructive criticism: terrible challenge rewards, almost no balance changes each league... Please get a grip.
Affliction and Necropolis are the worst leagues ever to exist. The current game design and direction is atrocious.
so la-la
Last edited by perez2714 on Aug 18, 2023, 4:55:51 AM
Thanks for making sure I have no reason to care about this league's challenges.
ns10fan wrote:
challenge rewards?

Yes, this is challenge rewards. Gj buddy.
I hope it doesn't have extra gore built in my PC can't handle it.
Please give us a funky hideout or a dank pet again next time - in addition to the tenth armor set I'll never use if need be.
LOGIN ~less than 11 hours. pepemeltdown.
And people waited for this sh!t hahaha!

Well, that's fewer goals for the league, since I won't care anymore for the challenges.

At least I won't FOMO if I drop out of the league early.
"A game IS supposed to waste your time but it's not supposed to make you FEEL like you're wasting your time:
It's supposed to make you WANT to waste your time."

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