Ancestor Challenge Rewards

looks like the idea to give those poe tryouts some mtx so they buy the missing or better looking pieces was a genious move.

"portals for free or gtfo", lol. thats what you get for devalueing your supporter assets.
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Too much tribal chorus. This isn't Dark Side of the Moon.
Not the biggest fan of the Armour set challenge rewards, but thanks anyways! Well done.
"Well done" - zero difference between t2 and t3, lmao.
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Geez.. I really wanted to get invested in the game again, trying to setup a char and reach the higher challenges.. especially after all this extra time, the already bad previous leagues challenges reward and the disappointed sucky Diablo IV...

But GGG is like trying to be even more boring than D4, making everyone patient longer before the next league, leave the game before POE2 even comes out...
You'd think they would try to entertain their existing player base 'til the release.
Harvest in a nutshell :
Ultimatum :
Expedition :
What if multiple challenge rewards and players choose what to take? I'm hoping I don't ask too much, thank you Chris W., thank you GGG.
at least in each leagues, please give player the signature mtx of that league as challenge rewards

in this case, this totem glowing should be rewarded as a hideout deco
Looks good time to grind
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Negative ratio on Youtube for the first time, despite many players not even showing downvotes anymore.
Seems like 3 bland leagues was too much.
Harvest in a nutshell :
Ultimatum :
Expedition :
drbokorkati wrote:
when reduce bloating

when 95% of uniques not useless

when engine optimization

when decent trading experience

when 95% of skills not useless

when decent balance


Zzzzz rewards again

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