Ancestor Challenge Rewards

wullack wrote:
Ladys and Gentlemen! Today we see a new episode of a POE classic. It's called "Freeloaders complaining about stuff they get for free". Have a nice day and an even better league!
And yet again, this is not about F2P players and stuff for just them. Every achievement-oriented player wants challenge rewards to be memorable and bright as well.
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drbokorkati wrote:
when reduce bloating

when 95% of uniques not useless

when engine optimization

when decent trading experience

when 95% of skills not useless

when decent balance

When buying at least 1 support pack to suport the people, whoes give all the stuff out for free ?
Monster Hunter vibes challenge rewards Log In!
Armour set from Crucible league was awesome 11/10, this one 4/10... But LOGIN anyway!
I'm a big fan of this one. Subtle, but pretty on point thematically.
I really like it! Well done!
looks nice
yea nah
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