Ancestor Challenge Rewards

nice another get low challenge and leave league because i dont see a difference between the tiers
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Should stick to 3 Tiers and reward a portal at 36/38, even more since you dont really have a difference between T2 and T3.

But free is free so whatever
No wonder you didn't post it earlier, disappointed
drbokorkati wrote:
when reduce bloating

when 95% of uniques not useless

when engine optimization

when decent trading experience

when 95% of skills not useless

when decent balance

when you support
Doctor arrival
All the doctors arrived just to see this PogBones
So the only difference between tier 1/2 and 3/4 are more glows? T3 makes the orbs around the chest glow and t4 makes the horns on the helm glow?

You guys forgot about the challenge rewards didnt you?
Look at all these cry babies complaining about free stuff LOL

Set looks good, and whats up with that healthbar? :O

Also, Quin is a clown. *honk honk*
Not exactly complaining about the set, personally I think it looks kinda mid but it is quite detailed. It is weird that this is coming out so close to league with no voiceover. Feels like it was forgotten.
Dogshit rewards...

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