Content Update 3.22.0 -- Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors

Where game engine fixes (abnormally high CPU and GPU load) or im blind?)
Guys...ruthless isn't going to affect the main game, dont worry :)
I really don't know why every league GGG nerfs poison...seriously??!!
nice buff to 5ways rmt-er
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SO i am a bit confused about the Ascendancy Changes.

In the Ruthless only section for Juggernaut it says

Unstoppable: No longer provides "10% increased Movement Speed" or "Cannot be Stunned."

It does not say In ruthless or (Non-Ruthless)

As you have gone out of your way to say on some of the other ones.

For instance

Unbreakable: Now provides "5% of Armour applies to Fire, Cold and Lightning Damage taken from Hits" in Ruthless (8% in non-Ruthless).

So is this a typo or is Stunn immunity being removed globally from Unstoppable?
Valkuma wrote:
Guys...ruthless isn't going to affect the main game, dont worry :)

Neither is anything else, apparently.
An in all this nothing they had the time to :

"The Crucible Passive Skill that caused Totems to Explode on Death, dealing a percentage of their Life as Physical Damage has had values divided by 20. This change affects existing items"

Critical :)
Definitely was hoping to see skill balance like a few others. Hopefully the support gems are usable, and the new content in game will, as always, bring about a few good build variations. Tattoos are still going to be something to dig into. League start meta is likely the same and that bums people out I think. Hyped to play next week :)
Looking like this league will save me a lot of time and I'll need to start planning some more activities that involve touching grass. I would have preferred a page full of nerfs to top skills and skill tree nodes to shake up the meta than ruthless only changes. This game is fun, and most skills are viable, but please just balance out some skills so that some don't feel ultra terrible in comparison to the OP ones.

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