Content Update 3.22.0 -- Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors

You forgot to post the patch changes

Made me scream out loud very late a night.
I needed that after these patch notes :)
All my energy goes to farm DW Daggers! BUFF MELEE!!1!1
Did you forget to post skill balance?
many many nerfs. not any buff welcome to ruthless
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Over half the patch notes are for ruthless. We've been long overdue for a meta shake up...

Please buff underused skills! I'm sick of the bone zone / EA meta!
Woras8 wrote:
Did you forget to post skill balance?

I feel great that everything stays the same, you get to try things you didn't get to last league + new ascendancies basically
These patch notes are not very good and I do not like them. I unironically think these are the most anemic league notes you have ever put out in the history of the game. I am extremely disappointed.
nah this has to be an incomplete verson. Unreal.
Leoninda wrote:
Guess I will wait for League 3.23.
But hey atleast I wont waste my time these 3 months...pog....

Correction 5 months
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Easy Full Magebloods and Headhunters, rip div cards.

Added a new Atlas Keystone Passive Skill, Meticulous Appraiser, which grants "Modifiers to Quantity of Items found in your Maps instead apply to Rarity of Items found in your Maps at 300% of their value".
2 Mirror Drops and 75 Apothecary Drops in 3.21
4 Mirrors in 3.22

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