Content Update 3.22.0 -- Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors

KaFeuk wrote:
So same meta since the last 5 or 6 leagues ? Maybe do some balance changes ?

Affliction and Necropolis are the worst leagues ever to exist. The current game design and direction is atrocious.
these are the patch notes after a 4 months league boring, underwhelming and Flaccid...
Von_Douche wrote:
5 months of crucible for this?

No, it's for PoE 2 and preparing demos for Exilecon, GamesCon and PAX
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The Crucible Passive Skill that caused Totems to Explode on Death, dealing a percentage of their Life as Physical Damage has had values divided by 20. This change affects existing items.

Oof. I was expecting down to 50-60% (25-30% for 300% version). But having it down to 15/30% is too much.
LOGIN! more Chieftain totems...big surprise since the totem incident in this recent league. Nerf the thing that does the affect only, not everything else that way you dont kill other builds.
Not gonna lie, these patch notes are pretty disappointing.
Chieftain literally is unplayable still after the feedback from ExileCon.
Also RIP My Totey Explodey character being playable in Standard.
This is kinda disappointing, most of the changes are to ruthless and barely anyone plays it.
SexiVexi wrote:
ruthless was the worst thing that ever happened to this game.

No. Now GGG has a place to put all there horrible idea's in. they can keep all those horrible idea in ruthless and poe2 and hopefully stop ruining poe1
Please separate Ruthless changes from base game changes. Also very disappointed with the lackluster balance changes. This tells where your priority lies, even though ruthless has maybe 100x less players than normal PoE.

Nearly 5 months of league for this... sad days we live in. If the game is this lacking when PoE 2 is in development, I don't want to imagine how it will be when PoE 2 launches.
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