Content Update 3.22.0 -- Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors

Delete boring, useless leagues Ruthless, waste of resources, will destroy PoE2, 99.9% just don't care about these Ruthless leagues.
For many years we ask meta shifts, gem shake-ups, etc. Why for 3 years we barely getting anything anymore? What is happening? I understand that you added support gems. But this is ridiculous, no shifts anymore. GGG please.. wake up.

I can help you GGG: buff gladiator, and change a few other ascendencies, chieftan and guardian could be a bit better with some tweaks. Nerf RF, Boneshatter. Buff skills like ED, give back some love to slams in general, Lightning strike nerfed too much. Cyclone? Bleed bow build? Archmage? Winter orb? Spellslinger? Bleed in general? Impale? The only shakeup is huge Nerf to poison from temp chains, but there is some love for another popular play style. Will be another RF and Bonezone for many players.
3.15 was a joke. 3.19 was a disaster. Archnemesis/Ruthless/Crucible(Archnemesis 4.0?) - worst ideas. Ruthless is a joke, a waste of resources. PoE2(exilecon version) was super disappointing.
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Why are there so many RUTHLESS changes????

You guys didn't see that all of your streamers refused to participate in a ruthless race?

Less than 1% of your community is playing ruthless?

Why are there so many changes dedicated to ruthless????
"Added a new Strength Support Gem - Controlled Blaze: Supports melee attack skills, providing them with a chance to Ignite. Supported Skills deal more Ignite Damage for each Ignite inflicted with them, but less Damage."

Is there something new that has been added to the game that I'm not aware of? We only can have one ignite initially unless we use emberwake to get another. But this support wants you to play around stacking ignites?
ruthless was the worst thing that ever happened to this game.
70% POE2 Ruthless mode nerfs(No one cares). no shake up. no buffs to under preforming skills. Nothing to care about. bland, tasteless, slightly depressing.

Also: Still the best patchnotes since 3.14
hoho thanks.

-Fixed a bug where Reefbane could lose its glow if you died in an Area containing a Unique Fish and resurrected there.
I started the hoho movement.

Moderators are absurd.
Guess I will wait for League 3.23.
But hey atleast I wont waste my time these 3 months...pog....
And here I was thinking about skipping a day of work to start as soon as possible.

Well I mean you guys just saved me a bunch of money.
Peace ☮
i guess this is the first league that i will skip, no changes and terrible performance with new engine

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