Content Update 3.22.0 -- Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors

vahu wrote:
Delete boring, useless league Ruthless, 99.9% just don't care.
For many years we ask meta shifts, gem shake-ups, etc. Why for 3 years we barely getting anything anymore? What is happening? I understand that you added support gems. But this is ridiculous, no shifts anymore. GGG please.. wake up.


Ruthless is main game.

Default league is side project now.

Judging by patch notes...
All my energy goes to farm DW Daggers! BUFF MELEE!!1!1
Leoninda wrote:
Guess I will wait for League 3.23.
But hey atleast I wont waste my time these 3 months...pog....

Joke on you, if I had to guess its going to be the average patch note from now on.
Great stuff.but still need South African Servers in PlayStation Network POE. Please?
Can we have South African Servers on console please? Thanks
Yipee! Let's hope that the 4 month wait was worth it! Kind of tired of skipping the league mechanic for 5 leagues in a row. BIG UPS to the 10-person skeleton crew stuck working on PoE 1! Hopefully GGG either gives you guys the support you need to make decent league mechanics that actually go core, or just cuts you loose to work on PoE 2. Not sure how many more half-baked leagues can be stomached by the community, especially with PoE 2 so far away on the horizon.

I also don't understand how this league doesn't have an atlas expansion? It's been 1.5 years since the last one, and you've taken a month extra for two leagues in a row? Guess it makes sense when you look at these notes: 95% fodder and 5% actual changes to the (non-ruthless) game.
I imagine you guys at GGG know yourself how dissapointing these changes are. If you don't, maybe its time to re-assess your own point of view on Poe 1.

The fact that these chieftain changes are going live ,the way they are, speakes volumes. I hope the data you gather on the playrate of chieftain next league makes that beyond clear.
5 months of crucible for this?
side project xdd
If you clicked you noob
Farewell Bex, we wish you all the best on your new path!
These patch notes open up MASSIVE opportunities for trying out contents! NICE
Chieftain rework seems very powerful in my book, also Guardian is awesome as hell!

VC new proj speed will combine perfectly with the new support gem OR Nimis, very nice.

Nice patch GGG!

Also thank you BEX for your awesomeness! Stay safe and GOOD LUCK!

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