Content Update 3.22.0 -- Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors

rf once again xd
I am playing a lvl95 Guardian in standard and I am very disappointed. These new sentinels of whatever seem to be nothing but auras. As some other pointed out, we spend A LOT of time and brain to optimise our chars in any respect. If I would have needed elemental auras i would have done it. I focus on physical and cold damage and these auras don't do anything for me. Now three icons on the top of the screen are flashing and I believe there are one or two bots doing something completely independent of me.

I try to be as polite as possible, but to force the use of 'links' is forcing a game concepts that no one likes. That is arrogant and ignorant. 'Harvest' again.

The league mechanic is boring for the same reason as the sentinels of whatever are: bots, bots, bots. Btw challenge rew...?

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First ones in, last ones out ^_^
decent patch, seen worse, a lot of ruthless changes though which seems weird because ruthless is like 1-2% of total player count???
super gigachad dare you to prove me wrong ambatukam
Why doesn't PoE have a good, customizable in-game loot filter like Last Epoch? The loot filter was trash to begin with and a few seasons ago you made it godawful unplayable. It's still hot donkey doodoo, why must we download loot filters from 3rd party sites? It's not a difficult thing to do, the small indie team figured it out for Last Epoch...
Does anybody know what the change to hidden blade accomplished
I expected to be able to use faster attacks as a support and the aps to be based on my weapon with the 30% reduced tag but all I got was a very glitchy screen while I play

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