Content Update 3.22.0 -- Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors

Delete Ruthless.
Valkuma wrote:
Guys...ruthless isn't going to affect the main game, dont worry :)

Anyone that believed this is a moron!!
The most ironic thing about these patch notes is that the ruthless support gem is the biggest buff. The have a sense of humour over there that's for sure.
Thanks GGG for not addressing how a massive portion of the playerbase, who don't have 4090s, are still experience immense performance issues....

thanks for giving us the middle finger, we really appreciate it.
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Very sad.

I love this game but what is happening? Yes people complain when its all nerfs thats why you buff under utilised skills, nerf overplayed things.

I think people wanted a META shakeup more than new content even.

Please listen to your player base.

Turning into D3, playing for a weekend then quitting.
fielaa wrote:
it's funny to read comments, when there's too much nerf the players complain, when there's not enough nerf the players complain, in the end no one is ever satisfied!

Good patch note with new approach and strategy on the new league, thank you for this work GGG and also continue to develop the Ruthless mod that interests many players (no joke), but separate patch notes would be better for everyone.

"Many players (no joke,)"

HAHAHA yes and i am sure you have Many friends (no joke,)
These ruthless ascendancy changes seem like they're incredibly inconsistent and out of left field. Bummer, I was looking forward to the league but I think I'm gonna sit it out bc of that. I could handle small incremental changes to ruthless ascendancies but this feels like having to start from scratch with a krangled, random, arbitrary set of ascendancy modifiers.
Rip totem Hierophant builds.. have to work with scion now to get the taunt
Why Ultimatum is still not in the core game???
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