Will the Crucible League go Core?

Sad. This was the best league in years. In fact, Crucible made me realise that my enjoyment of any league is proportional to the number of new build options it introduces.
the "Totems Explode on Death" Crucible Skill will likely be adjusted when that happens.

that's kind of lame. It's like nerfing all rampage bows, cause they are stupidly strong... Or "adjusting" old vaal skill-spamming builds
This league was amazing. Thanks for all the hard work. That Crucible Tree must have been a pain in the ass xD
your items with Crucible trees will move with you to Standard

i am happy for this. however,

GGG needs to be very clear on the stance of their itemization of what will be retained or removed on league announcement.

i m very aware not all leagues go to core but removing items that we worked for during the league is taking something away from players.

for those people who dont care about STD, my opinion does not affect you. move on.
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Why delete Geodes, Remnants and Magmatic Ores if you reintroduce in few league ?
dont cry cuz it over smile cuz it happened, its lazy shit build anyway
It's kind of obvious it was not going to go core otherwise it would have been announced at Exilecon along with Sanctum returning.

We're getting Sanctum in Standard at least. Just no sanctified relics which is the main appeal of the league.
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Bring back Prophecy, Perandus, and Metamorph. Still waiting on Scourge, Sentinel, Kalandra and Crucible to be brought back. Stop removing content from the game.
it was a good league, thanks
crucible was kinda sorta cool despite its flaws, but we all knew this was coming. probably for the best.

at least they're killing the totem mod so i don't have to be pressured into making one on the last day of the league just in case i feel like being a full degenerate in permaleague at some point in the future.

although, instead of simply scaling down the damage%, you should probably change the mod to only work if the totem is destroyed by enemy damage, as i assume you originally intended for it to be used

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