Crucible will not be going core, but there are components of it that we really like that we may find a way to bring back in future expansions.

We loved watching everyone develop their Crucible trees to create unique builds utilising all the different Crucible skills available, so all your items with Crucible trees will move with you to Standard. However, the "Totems Explode on Death" Crucible Skill will likely be adjusted when that happens.

When the current league ends in a few weeks, all your existing Geodes, Remnants and Magmatic Ores will be deleted. If you have any Crucible challenges to complete, you still have some time to do so!

Thanks to everyone who got a chance to play Crucible!
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Grinding Gear Games
RIP. Really awesome league. Proud owner of a busted crucible bow.

Wonder when (or if) we'll ever seen as many broken weapons again.
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Can't say it isnt expected :p
IGN: JerleTOTARuthless
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?
Injecting mass of overpowered legacy items on purpose is very bad decision for any arpg, if there are no ways of crafting those items. TFT syndicates will buy them all and raise their uber content farming to new heights, while majority of players get nothing at best (it can be worse though, because loot and difficulty may be rebalanced again, around the players who have all the currency in the world to buy and run legacy items).

As always, glad to see how you guys care for standard players.
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Please dont nerf totem explode, it's standard, let us get some fun, if its never going core is not a big deal, right?
with melee in such a dismal state, not allowing standard players to get a reasonable bump in power is absolutely insane to me.
Can we deallocate or reallocate weapon passives in standard?

I hope they can be modefied like leftclick to allocate and rightclick to deallocate so that these weapons could be traded if someone doesn't need one allocated point but want to get another one in the tree.
By any chance would y'all ever consider changing the stats on the three Crucible uniques to a unique without a Crucible tree but keeping their same names so SSF standard unique collectors could still get it <3 <3 <3?

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