Will the Crucible League go Core?

la_blue_girl wrote:
screaminjay wrote:
And those mechanics you are adding, they're just way better. Sentinel is way better than 2016 content. Crucible is, Sanctum is, Scourge is, all those mechanics are better than Abyss or Torment and everyone knows it. Sure, you can make them weaker when they go core, but I don't understand why always update old mechanics instead of replacing them with new ones you put a lot of work into.

I don't even understand why we went from removing Perandus and Prophecy to... never ever making any mechanic go core anymore. Just update Breach and Abyss forever.

Yeah, this was always very weird to me also. Tons of super old stuff is still in, yet GGG keeps denying really fun and cool new leagues going core. If they're OP, then tweak them then?

can get behind this sentiment as well. Torment is a core mechanic while every league I've enjoyed in the last 3 years is thrown in the trash bin.

I feel like leagues not going core have evolved into just a sneaky way for them to use Borrowed power design to allow OP league mechanics without long term cost.

Problem for me at least is that every new league I like that doesn't go core is literally one league closer to losing heart and giving up on their ability to keep making a fun game.
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Ofc it wont go core game. Bye bye 1 million effectife hp build with 30 mil dps. Facetanking all ubers... Gonna miss this
I had a great time this league. Thanks so much!
Please dont nerf totem explode, it's standard, let us get some fun, if its never going core is not a big deal, right?

why nerf for no reason lol
Explosive totems was popular.
But so many other builds where. Many, with more damage. And good clearing! Something that explosive totems don't have.
Why give it special treatment?
why nerfing standard items for god sake? :)
Mirror of Kalandra?

Cool another standard trophy to look at once a year
Tggg answering "important" questions when their game is still unplayable due to an ""improvement"" on their engine they released 4 days ago before their event..

People still having issues even on top end pcs.

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