Crucible Fan Art Competition

flicker enjoyer
Happy to share with you my entry for the competition :)

Zikah wrote:
AintCare wrote:

This whole post flew over your head.

To get back on topic. AI generated art is still art, the same way photography is art. its a different tool to create things, and then its up to people to decide if its art. I remember some 'low effort/crude' entries created in paint were in top3 before so not sure why they would exclude AI this time. And if you are a purist, then why would you consider Digital Art as 'art' anyway?

Even if I were to agree that AI art is equivalent to hand drawn work in regards to competition entries (Which I dont), I still wouldn't presume it appropriate to berate the competition holders for disallowing a type of work in their competition.

Should I be butthurt that the photographers competition won't let me submit my hand painted art? It's a competition for photographers, so of course I shouldn't be upset. Go find a competition for AI art if this upsets you so much, GGG clearly wants to see hand made stuff.

" hand made stuff"

Where is that? so far I've seen only one entry of such of the mask sculpture. Everything else is computer generated.

The point i'm trying to make is that the new image editing software (i.e. Photoshop) is AI assisted. So why would you draw that very hazy line?
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here is my artwork, love harvest so much!
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IKoBuChI wrote:
Happy to share with you my entry for the competition :)

Great job!
Mathils actual cat
Delving is hard work and tunnel bears need a break too!

Work in progress:

it was a lot of fun, and i am still a fan of the surrender with gladiator combo, almost all of the textures are done on painter and the ground on designer, all of the props are done from 0 for the competition. Cheers.

Wips and extra views etc

Sculp and rig for the hand so it's only one model but with diferent positions.
Hello, here is my entry " Forged in lava " , i enjoyed to create this illustration !
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My entry for this season fan art competition. I tried new textures and make it less polished than my previous drawings. I hope you like it

Better late than never

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