Crucible Fan Art Competition

Tala fellow exiles!
Here's my entry for the contest, I call it.. , Karui Crafting.

I you like it!
Good luck to everyone!

Cruciable's new enemy?

no, it's just Doctor Zoidberg from futurama

thnx for watching!! :D

Hello everyone!
I called my drawing "Waiting"
I wanted to draw my character for a long time, thanks for the motivation :)

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Here's mine. :)
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My entry! gl everybody!

I had the concept and my Girlfriend made a bunch of 3d stuff, we fell short on time. We had a whole scene but couldn't figure out how to render some of it and ran out of time. So here is an unrendered anvil and hands xD.

Hope I'm not too late. Well done, everyone! :D

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I wanted to include uniques introduced special to this league. I drew Shadow donning The Fourth Vow armour chest piece, Bloodsoaked Medallion amulet, and The Redblade sword, in case anyone was confused how the work tied into Crucible league! :)
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I already uploaded this before the contest ended but for some reason the link got broken so I'll repost. Had to ask a friend outside the country to upload to Imgur cause for some reason doesn't work in my country. :/

PegasusRideR wrote:
~ PegasusRideR's Forge ~

Welcome to my forge!

Painted on 50x35cm paper with acrylic paint, scanned in a studio in 6 parts, then combined. Also adjusted the scanned file for fine art printing and reprinted, then photos of both the original painting and the printed result were taken in a photo studio for proof of quality. If you like my work and would like to have a copy, you can find the file ready for printing below with instructions. Hope you like it, and good luck everyone!

You will find 6 files here. First is the scan of the painting that is for viewing on monitors and mobile screens, adjusted to look the same as the original painting looks to the naked eye (This one is my submission). Then photos of the original painting and the printed result, the scan file of the painting which is adjusted for printing, and lastly two work-in-progress photos taken with a phone.

Scan File For Viewing On Monitor/Smartphone (My Submission):

Photo Of The Original Painting:

Photo Of The Printed Example:

Scan File For Fine Art Printing:

Note: This scanned file is specifically adjusted for fine art printing on a Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl (320gr) paper. This way you can get %95 of the same quality, as can be seen in the example print above. You can also print on similar types of papers having as close characteristics as possible, to make sure the result will be as close as possible. Printing on canvas is not recommended.



Note: Due to the sunlight's position, the colors of the original painting and the printed result vary slightly here. Please check the photos of them above for the right colors.

I'm liking this one, also references the 2 OP items everyone was going for (explode totem bows and the SST shield).
Small little detail that most would probably miss.
Here's an entry for you!
It's a stygian revenant, I wish you guys had more art/models of your monsters to work from because a lot of this is just guess work.

the lineart was a pain but I think it turned out pretty good.

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