Crucible Fan Art Competition

Here's my submission ;)


Just wanted to share my fan art with the community! I hope you are all having a great league thus far and I'm enjoying seeing all the art post everyone!

IMG seem to be broken? Or my URL copy is wrong? If anyone wants to help..
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Img broken somehow

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Thanks GGG for the league.

Here is my artwork ! "Titan No More"

The ancient titan transforming into the forge against his own will.

The ancient race of titans who once shaped the primordial surface of Wraeclast; will now forever forge weapons and give up their powers to seek a champion.
~Relics of the past~

"Pick up your hammer and head to the Forge of the Titans" eh? Say no more! I'm taking this call to action literally - seems only natural to recreate weapons for a league so focused on weapons. Just like the Titans have come and gone, I chose to forge these relics of the past...or past patch, really.

Non-AI shenanigan WIPs

Casual forgin'

Tryna recreate that in-game glow without LEDs. Retroreflective paint kinda does the job...under strong light.

...'course, I found out about the Redblade after the fact FFFFFFF
Oh well, thanks for league, and gl to all participants! :>
I make hideouts & stuff→ ←
I call it The slammer reforged
my entry
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This is my version of the Crucible statue :)
I'm really glad that I joined that competition, all work looks super cool!
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