Crucible Fan Art Competition

Think this insidious and evil girl Cricible, each time giving me unnecessary passives on weapons >:C

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Beware the thief of Wraeclast ^-^
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CQEximius wrote:

Sorry bud, it's just not art. Let the talented people express themselves without this space being cluttered by randomly generated imagery. Also, how has no one really came to think that it would be too easy to "cheat" the competition with AI "art"? Just generate 2000 accounts, fill an entry with each AI generated crap and boom, you have 2000 chances compared to just the one.

Have you even opened the new photoshop? the amount of assistance you get from the tools that are run by AI like algorithms is astonishing. You don't need to be talented to operate it lol
Hi y'all. :)

This is my entry for the contest. I call it "PoE Widowhail" because it showcases the new bow of the same name.

The file is 1920x1080, though I do have a high res available if needs be.

I used Corel Painter 23 and a Huion Inspiroy 1060p. I've also uploaded a 'making of' video to prove no ai shenanigans...
Art Videos:
PoE Fan Art Entry:
Ah yes, shove your hand into the molten metal to strengthen your weapons. What could go wrong?

Made with acrylic paint on canvas. WIP pictures for anyone interested:
AintCare wrote:

This whole post flew over your head.

To get back on topic. AI generated art is still art, the same way photography is art. its a different tool to create things, and then its up to people to decide if its art. I remember some 'low effort/crude' entries created in paint were in top3 before so not sure why they would exclude AI this time. And if you are a purist, then why would you consider Digital Art as 'art' anyway?

Even if I were to agree that AI art is equivalent to hand drawn work in regards to competition entries (Which I dont), I still wouldn't presume it appropriate to berate the competition holders for disallowing a type of work in their competition.

Should I be butthurt that the photographers competition won't let me submit my hand painted art? It's a competition for photographers, so of course I shouldn't be upset. Go find a competition for AI art if this upsets you so much, GGG clearly wants to see hand made stuff.
When at level 60 you entered the Crucible map and hope to get an upgrade

Here's my entry, do I have to name it?
idk, Maroider Forging.

I'm an illustrator from Brazil.
Name is Daniel Franco.

Thanks for the opportunity GGG :)
Enjoyed Crucible quite a bit.

for proof of process:


so many nice arts
gj all
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