Crucible Fan Art Competition

Hi did a little doodle of my herald of thunder auto bomber in crucible

There's some good art here!
I'll add my submission
"The Forge of destiny"
it was quite fun, I wanted to do something with the Lithomancer set
and well since this is POE we can't miss those skill trees.

Proof Of work

Software: Clip Studio Paint EX
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Here is my entry!

ChannelWonGaming Crucible Art Contest Entry
Modeled in Blender.
Printed on Elegoo Jupiter.
Sits slightly above 10"
Roughly 36 hours of painting, labor, print time and about 350 grams of resin.







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2nd entry

scion is holding red blade and wearing icetomb + a tribal circlet

WIP for the anti-AI proof:

random order of layers, just to show this was done by human.
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Kitava Lore Entry for Contest!
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we're launching a fan art competition themed around the Crucible Expansion!

I don't fully understand how unique items, and especially MTX from Mystery Box, are considered to be related to the Crucible expansion, except for the fact that they were added to it. Thus, you can draw anything, because it will exist during the Crucible Expansion.
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Hail, one of many!
After battling with procrastination I am finally done. I hope you guys enjoy! :)

Stay sane exiles! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hello, here is my entry :3

a few wip parts in the album here:
Natilo wrote:
ALMOST didn't make it in time, and as usual, I've only got myself to blame for starting late...and for perhaps overdoing it a wee bit with the amount of details....
That being said, it's a pleasure to show you my tribute to one of the absolute coolest skills that came with Crucible League: VAAL ABSOLUTION!

Link for bigger version: Here!

I league started Vaal Absolution, and frankly, it was a blast. It didn't mix very well with the league mechanic (sentinels despawning as the bar reaches "lethal" makes for a slightly panicky playstyle) but it got me into red maps at record speed.

So if you like minions that melt bosses and just looks hecking cool while doing it, then I think you should give this build a try.


Good luck to everyone participating, and may the Forge be kind to your Crucible trees!

Somehow managed to get this done in time, praise the golden arse of Innocence!!
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My entry for the competition.

' Champion Forging '

I tried to capture the essence of the crucible league in one image

link to the image(just in case the embed doesnt work):

*updated image before the deadline

Some WIP images for no-AI proof.
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