Content Update 3.21.0 -- Path of Exile: Crucible

FalkenRaiding wrote:
Riverwind77 wrote:
Gubert wrote:

That has no relation with my question

Yes it is, clasic out of context questions in order to poorly discredit someone based in gameplay time.

Yes for obvious reasons out of your sight, playtime isnt bonded to enjoyment.
The fact that you need this to explained to you is laughable at this point.

PD: dont remove /edit my posts without notification, i dont like censorship.

I appreciate the concern for my dedication do the game, by brining up my progression in Sanctum, on the back of me saying something overly positive.

Truth is, Sanctum came at a time where work didn't allow me much gaming time, then transitioning into Christmas holidays, so the only 2 chars I made in SSF didn't make to 95 (which is the threshold for if I delete them, to save character slots).

If you looked at my profile, you'll see that this is not the norm (and I don't mind keeping it public). Kalandra I had a 96 and a 99 in private league with 39/40, as one example. All of my 100s are done in PL or SSF.

Anyways, making it personal against my account doesn't discredit my appreciation for the game, nor does it prevent me from defending PoE against those that crusade the "I don't like this, so F you GGG" on the forums.

Just as people have the right to criticize things (which can be healthy, granted), just as well should those that enjoy the game speak up, so the loud negativity doesn't stand alone against those that enjoy the curve-balls and problem solving GGG throws at us, in an otherwise top-tier game.

By all means, tell GGG what you don't like. But even if the echo-chamber of forums/reddit confirms your beliefs, doesn't mean that it's the "truth". Many people simply can't be bothered dealing with the negativity of such places, so our support goes unheard.

I love the game, and for this league I have 2 weeks of vacation to get lvl 100 and 38/40 on private league with 15 other like-minded people. It'll be a blast, and I know we'll have a ton of fun ... which at the end of the day, is what a game is all about.

Stay sane, Exile! <3
Ps. those mana reservation nerfs are largely counter balanced by providing those very same notes on the weapons.

That was a genuine questio. Thanks for answering, appreciate the response.
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Next league: "only two of the player base play melee, (not two percent, literally just Carn and his alt account) so we have decided to make more new things for casters"
Next league Pathfinder: When you throw yourself, 3% chance for 25% chance to apply a nearby Flask's effect.
Anyone want to make an ARPG with faster gameplay? GGG is leaving money on the table.
Bringing back Tower map is a great change.
maxtraxv3 wrote:
not only wasnt minions buffed in any way

We'll have to see what Vaal Absolution and Animate Weapon are about. Absolution in particular doesn't even need to be that strong, just the ability to be supported by stuff like Vaal Caress is huge.
melee and minions once again forgotten...
After rebalance arcane surge Kurgal's Gaze Hypnotic Eye Jewel is very bad option.
On 20 lvl Arcane surge support this jewel gives only 8 cast speed and 22 mana regen
A lot of changes and nerfs, but I do not mind change.
Hope it will shake things up a bit:)

The new skill trees on weap etc looks a lot of fun.

Removing the mana reservation efficiency from grace, determination is not that bad when we get a global mana reservation efficiency of 12% from the Mana Mastery.

Can't wait to login the 7th of april :D

Just one more map
Arcane Surge Support no longer causes Arcane Surge to grant more Spell Damage. Supported Skills also now deal 10% more Spell Damage while you have Arcane Surge at gem level 1 (unchanged), up to 25% at gem level 20 (previously 19%).

Uhm, what??? It no longer causes the thing it still causes???
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