Content Update 3.21.0 -- Path of Exile: Crucible

Guys can you give us an option that we can toggle on and off to recast diferent abilities while appropriate charge value is reached like as soon as 2 or 3 charges etc. Are reached while skill button is pressed. In specific im talking about scourge arrow or snipe. Theese "charge" abilities are dead while maping becauce of the nature of spamy combat. This change alone would make more builds viable in maping scenario and overall. It could be similar to "attack while moving" toggle. Pretty please.
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Pathfinder changes seems to be underwhelming, at least for me. To summarize:

- 40% phys to chaos
- 15% more chaos dmg with attacks
- 30% aoe for chaos skills
- 15% movespeed during flask
- 20% attack speed during flask
- Removes bleeding / corrupting blood when flask is used
- Gain flask charge on crit
- 6% life recovery on flask use

- 25% chance to wither for 2s
- 50% wither effect
- "Enduring" life flask with 50% less recovery

changed / moved
- 20% chance to not consume flask charge (-> 50%)
- 20% inc effect of magic utility flasks (-> 30%)
- 3 flask charges every 3 sec

So we need to allocate more to gain less. Yes, the enduring life flask seems cool, but other than that...

For example, we would need to allocate 3 notables (Nature's Adrenaline, Nature's Boon and Master Alchemist) to get the same (but buffed) effect that was previously obtained by allocating only 2 nodes (former Nature's Boon and Master Alchemist).

This league seems to be interesting tho, but I dislike the pathfinder changes.
cool, no you can unlock the tiers on last league's mtx that i worked my butt off for!!
cool, no you can unlock the tiers on last league's mtx that i worked my butt off for!!
Why nerf mastery nodes?
Cool another kick in the balls to auras. Just get it over with and only allow us to have a maximum of 1 aura. You know this is your endgame just do it already.
I am the world's best path of exile player, I strong I kill all monster with amazing power
It was a really cool idea to move impale 20% to SWORD MASTERY. lMAO
"If it's nice, they'll take it away: The game."

Not sure if this is the message you should be sending customers.

But what do I know.

Back to playing DAoC.

lazerpickle wrote:
Can all of you cry babies stop cluttering the forum with your worthless replies? Please direct me to the part where anyone asked for your opinion, nobody cares what you have to say.

You should read this out loud while looking in a mirror.

Be sure to stare right into your eyes - for extra deep irony.
bow league xd

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