Content Update 3.21.0 -- Path of Exile: Crucible

The third league in a row that massively nerfs the core game and hides the nerfs behind overpowered league mechanics that will not go core...

What a joke :)
why everyone heff to be med, is only game

changes look good overall anyway thanks ggg
Extremely disappointed with the patch notes and ggg.
Continue to do MASSIVE nerfs because what the top 1% of players race to end game?

Nerfing all builds as a whole with reservation and mastery changes.
I guess they want everyone to switch to d4.

I don't understand the point of making only 5ish builds top meta and never buffing skills that aren't in meta but you'll sure nerf ALL skills because a top few used those nodes.

No money for ggg from me this league. Thinking I'll quit path until poe2 maybe because this is a joke.

So much for "no major nerfs" what an outright lie.
Thicc Notes!!!!!
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Always trading :)

Thank you GGG for the Great Game
Riverwind77 wrote:
Gubert wrote:
Schtauffen wrote:

Don't gatekeep bro. People can play the game at whatever rate they want to.

That has no relation with my question

Yes it is, clasic out of context questions in order to poorly discredit someone based in gameplay time.


It seems that you think asking why someone is saying they love the direction the game is taking while playing 6 total hours for the last 4 months is out of context but that is just wrong wether you think so or not.
IGN gubert
I will take the OVER on anyone actually able to complete this ruthless event before D4 is out.
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Kawaii1 wrote:
Cold Clusters

A new Winter's Embrace and Glacial Cage cluster has been added to the northeast of the Witch's starting location. Winter's Embrace provides 60% increased Freeze Duration on Enemies and 30% increased Damage if you've Shattered an Enemy Recently, while Glacial Cage provides "Enemies permanently take 1% increased Damage for each second they've ever been Chilled by you, up to a maximum of 10%".

Is this correct on the updated tree? You have it as "Enemies permanently take 5% increased Damage for each second they've ever been FROZEN by you, up to a maximum of 50%".

Can you verify?

Those are two seperate things. The "when frozen" effect is a Cold Mastery, the "when chilled" effect is on the new Glacial Cage notable.
Added the ability to release captured Beasts through the Bestiary panel.

FUCKING THANK YOU. about time lmao
fk archnemesis.
Genstein wrote:

- Small net nerf to reservation efficiency,

Small? Many auras lose their reservation efficiency, this is big to say the least, not to mention a giant nerf..
The same repetitive philosophy, every time, every league. I feel like a mouse spinning on a wheel trying to get somewhere new only to end up to the same place.

Fix the little things, like your abysmal concept of an MTX system (lack of a proper preview & honestly the badly designed aesthetics - the ingame default skins we can apply with skin transfers are immensly superior).

I hope you get it right with PoE2, really.
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