Content Update 3.21.0 -- Path of Exile: Crucible

Arcane Surge Support no longer causes Arcane Surge to grant more Spell Damage. Supported Skills also now deal 10% more Spell Damage while you have Arcane Surge at gem level 1 (unchanged), up to 25% at gem level 20 (previously 19%).

Uhm, what??? It no longer causes the thing it still causes???

Earlier Arcane Surge buff was global so you could link it to flame dash for example and your main attack got the bonus.
Now it has to be linked to your main skill for the damage. It is a nerf.
oh yeah im so happy to beat your 5 acts (plus 5 copied) this time even slower.
even goddamned diablo 3 have story mode but yeah

im so happy you destroyed my builds but HEY !
i can now play this garbage league for 3 months and not find single usefull weapon that give me mana reservation back

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ascendant changes are horrible. probably skipping this league
Ahhhh yes the vision strikes again!

i can literally imagine the brainstorming that lead to changes to early game like

"oh hey, i got a sweet idea: everyone LOVES early game, right? so lets make early game and leveling last longer so everybody can enjoy our great hand crafted level design and lore more."

the crowd: "yayy thats a totally fine idea and so up our alley of changing core mechanics and well introduced concepts over the years. they will love us for doing this and we can beat d4 by doing so"

extractions of a 101 dev talk in unfortunately NOT a paralell universe.
GGG is as disconnected as ever

its just disgusting and i will vote with my wallet :)
you fools know the end of your league collides with d4's launch right? and thats what you brought to the fight? Well GOOD LUCK with that xD
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Hopefully we're not spending half of our time in Quarry. Lol
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Wow from where GGG got info that the fire masteries that they removes are not used often ? XD
The Fire masteries are so wrecked now xD
But hey some changes are good some are BAD xD
Cant wait for the league start :>
Crucible sounds like a league I want to play. But with the new patch notes at this moment in time it looks like I wont be playing at the start, if at all.You tell us you are not making major changes, then you do. Yet another league to late start seeing if it looks fun. Yet another league sifting through garbage re-titled build guides based on previous leagues. I could play a little standard maybe, but I'd have to fix the builds that would still work and assign the rest to dead build graveyard.
Why are you nerfing the entire player bases leveling experience for a fifty person race at Exile-Con? Crazy!
Masteries GUTTED! Kept the six best? Seriously.
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why is book of regressions being removed? This is the only thing I have to complain about, there are several things we won't be able to do anymore because of that. Infinite heist, lvl 2 itens, pre-testing for next league(de-leveling a lvl 100 char to 70~~80 to check in maps) and others and I see no reason why this is being removed can we at least get a reason? I am now considering if I am gonna play this league or not now when I was sure before just because this change
RIP perma sextant, it was so nice to have so much fun, comfort and save time. Back to spending 15mins - 2hrs to buy and prepare my mapping. More boring and frustrating POE again and again with this patch, path of nerf, I would love to have POE back when I started in the breach league until 3.13, POE was amazing. fun is dead, another league to stay AFK_trade or play in STD.
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Vanfreyr wrote:
rip sabo
Why remove the Mine/Trap Damage buff?
Not all Sabos are Seismic Traps, some of us are Hexblast, Eye of Winter, icicle Mine etc etc

Us projectile Trapper/Miners have no use for increased AoE.

This change just nerfd "redirected" all the different ways Sabos are played into building a Seismic Trapper.

TBH, pre nerf "change", Ive felt that Sabos are lacking in damage, so I switched to Assassin.

Now, y'all choose to nerf the damage further?

Much sad, I hope someone finds an interesting build for sabos (other than Seismic Trap) with all these changes.

Agree 100% with this. Removing all fucking nodes, when this is CALLED SABOTEUR!!!!!!!!
I PLAYED ALOT OF TRAPS NOT OP ONES... NOw i will play nothing.
Chris again : " no nerf " when i read i only see nerfs.
You gutted alot of early mecanics again for what ? Preparing your PoE2 Slow pace game ? You will lose alot of player again and again. Didn't you learn from 3.19 or something ?

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