D4 no gud, send me poe2 thx

True that, there shouldn't even be comparisons between ARPG's and these isometric MMO's - they are so completely different in design and objective.

I think its crazy Blizzard haven't tried to innovate at all on-top of lost ark, if anything it has about half the content - maybe that's innovation / streamline and just remove MMO filler content.

Don't think GGG would entertain doing it but hope they stay well clear of any MMO elements in POE.
DarthSki44 wrote:
Well at least D4 has a release date and soon. PoE 4.0, whenever that actually comes, is basically a big mystery. I can't even remember when we heard anything new about it? A couple of years now?

So they are approaching 5 years in development now, for essentially an expansion to an existing game,

Similar reasoning tells me that Diablo 4 is in fact a Diablo 3 expansion that is very likely to be a downgrade. Should have called Diablo 4 Diablo3.-1.
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The least you can say is that POE is primarily designed for PC
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I wonder if D4 is going to make more money than D3 (3.5 million sales first 24 hours / 6.3 million sales first week).
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AmpegV4 wrote:

I think its crazy Blizzard haven't tried to innovate

When it comes to the world, they certainly did. Aside from dungeon loading screens, there are none in the open world. It's not flawless and you do get a small hiccup here or there but it is certainly immersive and feels great. It does not feel flat like other games at the moment, and players hopping in and out of combat brings the world to life.

With a foundation like that in place, just because arpg purists lost their weapon types or something does not mean they can't add that stuff back in or build on top of that experience which puts them in a class of their own.
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When something is so eagerly anticipated, it can also result in disappointment. I reckon some PoE players might be unhappy with PoE 2.
Deadandlivin wrote:
RitualMurder wrote:
Deadandlivin wrote:
What's your point?

People are still gonna play it and the game with launch with 30 times more people playing than during any PoE league.

Dunno why people insist on this being some black and white case where you either play PoE or Diablo4. Just play both, if you don't like it, then don't play it.

Whenever GGG messes up and releases another Expedition or LoK league, log into D4. Whenever Blizzard introduces some bullshit P2W mechanic, log into PoE.
If both games are fun, play both.

PoE is a fantastic game. But GGG fanboys like you are extremely cringe.
We get it. PoE is your favorite game. No one cares.

main takeaway from watching the beta on twitch was that d4 is not an arpg anymore its an mmo which i dont enjoy
hate the open world boss bullshit

so i have little interest in it too bad they made world of diablo instead of a real arpg

really says a lot about how dominant POE is that blizzard just noped out of the entire genre cus they know they cant compete with POE as an arpg anymore

I don't think you understand how many more people are going to be playing D4 compared to PoE. In blizzards eyes, the reason why they are introducing more MMO elements to their ARPG isn't because they can't "compete" with PoE. It's because they think it's what they envision is the future of ARPGs and how to push the genre forward.

Even if you personally don't like the MMO elements for whatever reasons, Blizzard think the majority will which is why they have them. It's pretty evident that Blizzard aren't trying to take market shares from PoE. Blizzard doesn't give a crap about the 50k people who play PoE. The game in trouble is Lost Ark.

no doubt it will sell millions of copies and be a financial success its blizzard they print money

they arent "pushing the genre" by copying lost ark tho and yes i do believe as an arpg they cannot compete with poe
as an MMO or MMARPG or whatever d4 is it will have a strong following but for true arpg players many, like me wont be spending much time in that kind of game i HATE lost ark i cant stand that shit and d4 looks very similar
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RitualMurder wrote:
d4 is it will have a strong following but for true arpg players many, like me wont be spending much time in that kind of game

Two thoughts on that.

One is that I don't know how you determine a "true arpg" player. Seems WILDLY subjective, and secondly Blizzard doesn't care in the least about the 10% or so of hardcore PoE Andys that were never going to leave anyways. They aint trying to get those. They want everyone else, and they are going to get a shot at that it seems like. Whether or note they keep them, and for how long is another question that we really can't determine at this time.
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Wonder what goes on in Diablo forums. Do they get poe threads?
xPiranha wrote:
Wonder what goes on in Diablo forums. Do they get poe threads?

No, they get D3 threads. Funny thing is that even D3 players are disappointed with D4. That's an achievement.....

Still, I feel people tend to get too invested and emotional over subjective things. I'm guilty of this myself. We like something, and then we tend to compare everything to that one thing....yeah, doesn't end up good.

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