April Expansion Name Reveal

I hope the challenge rewards are really good. They give me strength to continue mid league. XD
Odd amount of hype after a full year of meh to flat out bad leagues.
"Never trust floating women." -Officer Kirac
Cool! Nothing says 3.21 like a slow-mo run in a new area!
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LeGyy wrote:
#1 Looks like scuffed Eminem.

Ayy announcement of announcement!
"A crucible is a melting pot used for extremely hot chemical reactions — the crucible needs to be melt-proof. Literally, a crucible is a vessel used for very hot processes, like fusing metals. Another meaning of the word is a very significant and difficult trial or test."

Melting, fusing, crafting, trial.. New lab maybe? With some sort of item recombinator thingy as reward at the end of run. And sanctum goes core as is, with some changes.
probably, theyll give us new option to modify uniq items or use some of their mods in rares to match similar mechanics from LE and D4. uniq anulment orbs and uniq exalts? or some enchantments like eaters and exarks, but for uniq items

hope, option for colorblinds also will be out with this league. they struggle to see something in dark red maps like this environment in a teaser

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