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April Expansion Name Reveal

This does not look promising at all.
Imagine if you could apply runes to items like in D2. You can already do this in the form of eldritch currency, though to a much less exciting extent
No one can hear you poop in the forrest.
Adambjjoz wrote:
This does not look promising at all.

What else do you expect of a "name reveal" to make it "look promising" enough lol
Flames and madness. I'm so glad I didn't miss the fun. hoho
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Inscaped wrote:
RevertHarvest wrote:

Another crafting league that will either be useless or ruin the game.

Poe is a joke and has been for a long time. Sanctum was slightly better than LOK and this teaser gave me negative hype.
You don't like the game and it's fine, but it's far from being "a joke" tbh. Maybe wait for content reveal before you jump to negative conclusions?

After 10 years, negative hype is the rational default. They have a lot of lost ground to make up for in my view, and I know for a fact I'm far from alone on that. The price hikes start with 90$ tier and battle pass have yet to be justified.

Obviously I'm giving them the chance, here I am watching the content, watching the forum, still playing. But honestly, it's mostly a lack of apples to apples competition. No other ARPG has this level of constant development and third party tool integration.

I'm sure whatever they make will be playable, at least for one character, but acting like it's irrational to expect more bad isn't reasonable.

The vibe I got was hellforge. I mean it's even on a lava island just like d2.

Which is fine, I just doubt they'll substantively depart from the philosophy we've all seen over the past decade.

Whatever the new crafting is it'll be a gift to the streamers, it'll be RNG and trade heavy, and whatever the league mechanic is it will be grossly overtuned for whatever area it spawns in.

And my people will need a week of play to get to maps while the streamers will have all the content down and be trading magebloods by day 2.

*BoobyBounceEdgyCrassNameTrumpBiden57 is the first to enter Mud Flats.
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CrashM3 wrote:
Blood for the blood god?

Nah, for real.
I hope its not like Sanctum where u have to do a endless amount of maps to do one thing and then map again and again.

I liked how it was in Expedition and Heist. If you really loved the league mechanic, u were able to do just that, cause u could buy/sell the "league mechanik".

And if you didnt liked it, just sell it.

For me personally, i didnt liked the league mechanic of Sanctum, cause u did it for Relics, but to get the relics in a good amount, u had to have a godlike build. But when u have a godlike build, there wasnt a need for the relics :D

And if its "just" a crafting league mechanik, then let's hope it gets a little bit deterministic. Because we all know Chris, he wants us to feel the pain of endless RNG, where there will just be one out a million crafts a good one.

Too much censorship that you never even see. Totally removed posts and silenced accounts across all communities.
crunkatog wrote:
In this impactful, engaging league, players will bring items to the lake volcano and throw them in, to discover new and unpredictable krangles mirrored ejecta crafts.

The final pinnacle encounter of the Lake Crucible will pit the player against his greatest fear, Layered RNG Gated Challenges Himself.

Featuring 4 all-new atlas pinnacle bosses: the Red Guy, the Teal Guy, the Redder Guy, and the Tealer Guy.

Too much censorship that you never even see. Totally removed posts and silenced accounts across all communities.
Looks cool (or rather very hot) but I'm not sure about the hard to see red and black theme... Vaal side areas are hard enough to see enemies in the tiny window we get!
Hopefully it will be better than the last two leagues, even if I'm a bit scared because you said no major patchnotes and I think we need one.

Sanctum was a bit better than LoK, but not by much (and it wasn't hard since LoK is without a doubt the worst league in the last 4 years), and relics were fucking dumb. Not dumb as an add on but the fact that they COULD be very strong meant that you just had to do the league mechanic which was a dumb idea and most of the time they were trash.

Praying that you get better tbh, PoE is still the best game ever made but this time you have competition (I sure hope so, don't screw up again Blizz please...).
Adambjjoz wrote:
This does not look promising at all.

you think an expansion doesn't look promising because of a 25 second name reveal? What the fuck? LOL.
fixed the teaser.

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